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Carter Lake Emergency Force Main Replacement - OPW 53651


The City of Omaha will replace an existing sanitary sewer force main line from the East Omaha Lift Station to 11th Street with a new line. The new alignment will be along Avenue H in Carter Lake, Iowa, and 11th and 15th Streets in Omaha. The project will include 7 phases, with Phases 1 through 6 being the construction of the new sanitary sewer force main and Phase 7 being the decommissioning and abandonment of the existing force main that runs along Avenue G. The new sewer force main will not be in service until Phases 1 through 6 are completed, and sanitary sewer services will not be affected during construction.

The purpose of the project is to replace an existing pipeline that has a history of failures, including multiple pipeline breaks needing repairs by city staff. These breaks have caused sewer service issues with repairs that are challenging due to the existing location of the pipeline along Avenue G and the corresponding railroad tracks. Upon completion of the project, sewer service reliability will be increased, and any future maintenance will be much simpler and more accessible for staff.


• Construction Begins – December 11th, 2023
• Phase 1 – December 2023 to February 2024
• Phase 2 – Late December 2023 to March 2024
• Phase 3 – February 2024 to April 2024
• Phase 4 – March 2024 to June 2024
• Phases 5/6 – May 2024 to August 2024
• Phase 7 – August 2024 to January 2025
• Construction Ends – January 2025

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What to Expect

Phase 1: 11th Street to Avenue H
  • Phase 1 with the full closure of Avenue H east of 11th Street is anticipated to continue and will conclude in late January or early February 2024, pending weather conditions. Access to Avenue H between 11th and 5th Streets will be maintained along an alternate route utilizing Abbott Drive, Avenue H, 9th Street, and Avenue J.
  • Please be advised the construction crossing of 11th Street may be delayed until February contingent on authorization for work within the railroad right-of-way. 
  • During daily construction activities, 11th Street will be reduced to one lane of traffic under controlled flagging operations. However, through traffic will be consistently maintained along 11th Street. Outside of daily activities, two lanes in both northbound and southbound directions will be open for uninterrupted through traffic.
Phase 2: Avenue H – 11th to 5th Streets
  • Phase 2 is anticipated to start the week of January 29th and be completed early April, pending weather conditions.
  • During Phase 2, Avenue H from 11th to 5th Streets will be closed to through traffic with one lane open at all times for local traffic only to allow access to adjacent properties  located within Phase 2. The alternate route identified under Phase 1 will remain in place through the completion of Phase 2.
Phase 3: 5th to 9th Streets
  • Phase 3 of the Carter Lake Force Main Project is scheduled to start the week of March 25, 2024.  Phase 3 includes work west of 9th Street, followed by operations from 5th to 9th Streets, and is anticipated to be completed in late May. 
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Upcoming Events

The project does not include any public participation events. Public and stakeholder outreach will be managed through the distribution of construction notices and updates via flyers and emails to residents, businesses, and property owners. Individual stakeholder meetings are being held as requested to further discuss the project details, anticipated construction schedule, traffic restrictions during construction, and access to properties

Past Events

There are no past events.


Jesse Ayala
Project Manager, City of Omaha

Jon Mooberry
Project Manager, JEO Consulting Group

Alyssa Vaughan
Community Engagement Senior Specialist, JEO Consulting Group