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Copper Creek Sewer Relocation - OPW 53698


The project area is located West of S. 48th Street and Giles Street near Hastings Banner Park in Bellevue, Sarpy County, Nebraska. The project limits extend approximately 300 feet north and 2,400 feet south of the Copper Creek aerial pipe crossing and located on the east side of the Big Papillion Creek.

The project will relocate the existing interceptor, which includes the aerial pipe crossing over Copper Creek, to the east by approximately 200-feet and connect back into the existing system. The proposed improvements include removing the existing, exposed sewer pipe and installing a multi-pipe siphon.
The project will prevent backflow into the collection system, will replace aged infrastructure, and will aid in reducing potential floodplain impacts.
Other project improvements involve the following:

• Streambank stabilization of Copper Creek
• Temporary by-pass pumping
• Pavement and trail replacement
• Restoration of disturbed areas


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What to Expect

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Past Events

The City of Omaha hosted a Public Information Meeting on September 15th, 2023 at Bryan Middle School. Information from the meeting is available here: 



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Chris Driscoll, PE
Project Manager, City of Omaha